a multi-state job search, we help you stay on top of your game plan in an uplifting, motivating way.  

We work together to:

  • Ignite sparks in your job search and rekindle the reasons why you went to law school;

  • Assess fully who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go;

  • Brainstorm extensively and explore possibilities in law, some of which you may have never contemplated;

  • Recognize your own expansive network (it’s bigger than you think);

  • Launch for you my expansive network in both legal and non-legal professions, if appropriate;

  • Follow up on your leads on a regular and systematic basis; and

  • Develop more possibilities for you to pursue through our ongoing conversation.

Services for Law Students and Recent Grads ...
Understanding Your Perspective, Your Goals
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Email: Nancy@LegalLaunch.net
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“It can be extremely frustrating for job seekers
in 2014 -- in both the legal and non-legal job markets. Most of the law students and attorneys who I work with are saddled with debt, making the future seem overwhelming.  

Being exceedingly creative and brainstorming constantly about career possibilities, many of which have never been considered, I strive to ignite people's job searches and motivate them to new levels."  
                                   - Nancy Glazer

​Complementing the legal career counseling you are exploring with your law school career counselors (or even with your undergraduate career counselors), our advice and direction will be more frequent, consistent and customized.

We see our role as helping to provide you with significant real-world experience and and numerous contacts, if appropriate.

Whether you are exploring the Chicago legal market or conducting