Breakfast with Tiffany
You may recall reading the clever blogs of Tiffany Farber, one of my co-bloggers from Law Bulletin Publishing’s former series, Attorneys in Transition. Tiffany is the one who boldly told us all about her life and attitudes in transition, never sounding pouty or feeling entitled that the world owed her more than she received. You may recall Tiffany’s blogs, full of energy after rolling up her sleeves, shutting down her laptop and taking it to the pavement.

In fact, when Tiffany’s staff attorney/pro bono coordinator position was eliminated from a small Chicago non-profit, she did some soul–searching, as anyone would. She pulled together an elevator speech, she went out and met people, and she followed up with them too. Tiffany also reminded herself that, in addition to being an attorney, she also had a full life as a fiancé (now wife), daughter, sister and friend.
Not only did Tiffany bravely start to build her own practice a few years back, she also took it upon herself to learn new areas of law. She joined groups for solo practitioners where she could listen to others’ challenges, learn and give back. Soon enough, she found herself coaching other attorneys in transition, wanting them to benefit from her learning curve. She started writing blogs for Attorneys in Transition so that we, her readers, could find comfort from her and nod our heads with total understanding – and root for her!

Recently, I came across Tiffany’s name on The John Marshall Law School website. She joined the JMLS ranks as an associate director in the Office of Career Services. I immediately gave the-Tiffany-who-I-had-never-met-but-followed-and-rooted-for an instantaneous high-five!  How fantastic that someone with Tiffany’s story landed so well after laboring in the trenches, blogging about her time in transition there, and following her very own advice to others.

Clearly, Tiffany is a career counselor who can say, “Do as I do” in addition to “Do as I say …”

Taking a forest view while you are in transition is not the easiest thing to do. It’s not simple to accept a position that is not your first love. It’s also hard to see a “transition position” as a step you need to take before your real step is ready.  (I can always hear my grandmother whispering during these times in my own life, “Good things come to those who wait …” 
I would only add that it’s not just “waiting” for a job seeker.  It’s finding your own peace; doing what you need to do; using your time and talents productively and wisely during a transitional time.)

Learning that Tiffany landed in a perfect position for her, I called her right then and offered to take her out to breakfast (it was actually lunch, but breakfast with Tiffany sounds so much better). She accepted, and I got to know her a bit more by listening further to her inspiring story.

Tiffany is a clear example of someone who practiced what she preached each day – and eventually got paid for doing what she most enjoyed. The Tiffany Farber lesson couldn’t be plainer — be true to yourself and be patient; if you cannot do what you love immediately, maybe there will be aspects of your journey in transition that you will enjoy. It’s always okay to work hard while keeping one eye open to other opportunities – and taking them. 

There is really nobody who lands well in all aspects of life – just the way they wanted to, when they wanted to. Life is usually full of zigs and zags, ones we didn’t predict or desire. Usually, we still get to the place where we want to go. I think that following these same Tiffany steps, being honest, doing what you need to do while trying to tuck in doing what you love, could similarly land you your next position, something you do naturally anyway.

Back to meeting Tiffany, I actually hadn’t eaten anything all day; it’s really not a stretch to call it “Breakfast with Tiffany.” 
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